Class 5th English Chapter 1 Download PDF Worksheet NCERT/CBSE 5

Class 5th – English- Ice-cream Man -Download PDF Worksheet NCERT

WORKCEET presenting- worksheet of ‘Ice-cream Man’. This is the Chapter of class 5th English book Marigold, unit -1, Lesson -1. This is given by NCERT and CBSE syllabus Marigold-5.

            Activities related to the questions are also given on the worksheet. A detailed discussion in the textbook is necessary before filling out the worksheet. The worksheet contains all the possible questions that can be given in the exam. Along with the worksheet, we provide homework sheets for the children. This will develop the spirit of making children themselves. And their confidence will increase. The link to download the PDF is given below.




Download Worksheet PDF here


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Other useful resources related to the lesson –


Some links are being given below. Through which you can also download NCERT book and lesson ‘Ice-cream Man’. Which will help you understand the text in more detail.


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